The installer did a great job. The floors look really nice, but feel a little more plastic than I thought they would be (laminate). I felt some pressure from Joe, but was at a point where I just wanted to get the floor finished. I was told by Joe that he would be in touch with me about a bathroom floor when he returned from vacation. I did not get contacted, nor did I receive the paint / putty he said he would give me to cover an exposed raw edge. I have moved on.
Tere Michels
The staff members we worked with were attentive to our requests.
Frank Flood
I asked for an installer who spoke English, he/she did not have to be an American only that they spoke English. He spoke very little so I do not believe he understood several of my questions since he only answered yes. It was not a yes or no question. Glue was left on the floor. I Googles how to clean it. However the floor is beautiful and the installer did a lovely job. I just wish I had known about the language barrier. I have an app. that translates I would have used.
Sharon Godbee
Scheduling and payment collection felt overly complicated and like there was poor communication around this.
Carolyn Mehlomakulu
I was told that on the first day of work the person who sold me the tile wold walk through the job with the foreman and myself so we were all on the same page before the job started. This did not happen. On the last day of the job the men put down the baseboard and didn't finish the line where the boards meet. I would have not known this since they put furniture in front of this, however we moved the furniture and saw it. Called the company but they didn't want to come our right away because they were on another job. They couldn't have sent a man over quickly for a 30 minute job? Instead they wanted to hold up my returning the china hutch and not being able to get back to my life. I went with this company because he said little things matter. He would fix my threshold which I didn't even think about until he said it. Did he do it.... no. Now I think about it everyday. I went with this company because they said they would re-grout my floor and kitchen counter. (Which was really important to me) Did they do it? Each time I asked about doing it they kept saying yea we will do it later. Did they do it. Yea, some of it. I keep finding little places they didn't bother with. So yes the floor they did was great. Don't expect anything else.
Debbie Long
Our installer, Lorenzo, was very punctual and communicative. He got the workers to our house, they did a great job, and my husband and I are very pleased with the results.
Suzanne Byrne
Great service and products
Johnny Smith
We highly recommend using the services that Floor Coverings International Chandler offers. Every one of the employees where professional,knowledgeable,kind,and extremely accommodating. Dealing with a large flooring project at a busy dental office, such as Higley Park Dental Care, has many challenges; we serve patients 6 days a week, three of which are until 7pm, and a lot of necessary equipment needed to be moved. The Floor Coverings team took care of everything that needed to be taken care without any inconvenience to our office. Our office floors look amazing and we are very grateful!
Higley Park Dental Care
I like that Floor Coverings International comes to your home with everything needed to make a selection in the actual space.
Leslie Mariani
Len and his team provided the most professional and courteous service we could have asked for. Len is extremely knowledgeable about the various hardwood products available and was able to guide us to the perfect choice for our flooring needs. But he doesn't stop there, he personally directed the installation and followed up with us afterward to be sure everything was perfect. And it was. We can't give a strong enough endorsement for the entire team at Floor Coverings International.
Tom McCarthy